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June 2018
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Customer relationship management is one of the most important things when dealing with Real Estate. In the competitive Real Estate industry, a relationship management tool can mean the difference between ten's and thousand's of dollars in commissions. Luckily @Jasonhurst tweeted in a questions, asking if Top Producer was worth its squeeze for a newbie in the Real Estate world!

Join us as Pat Hiban, the Bare Naked Agent answers the question like a man, and provides his honest advice.

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An open house is the first thing that people think of when the are trying to sell their house. Our friend from New Mexico is struggling to get attendance at the open houses that she hosts, but thanks to the Bare Naked Agent, she now has some advice to sell out her open houses! 


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With already answering the question of three books that changed his life, the Bare Naked Agent takes this question from Maine, and puts a little spin on it. His objective is clear, to tell EVERYONE how he did it. Pat Hiban shares what book made the biggest difference for his business and career. 

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When supply and demand drives a market, and banks aren't loaning money how do you sell houses? A question from Ukraine really got out Bare Naked Agent thinking long and hard. With the right script, you can convince buyers to pay cash, close the deal, and hold their breathe as the market corrects itself with time.


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The question asked came from the Wisconsin, the home of the Wisconsin Badgers. The Bare Nake Agent suggests three books to dive face first into that will change the way you act, think, and the outcome of your efforts. Check out what New York Times Best Selling Author, Pat Hiban, suggests you read today! 


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Wow, this one puts the Bare Naked Agent on the spot! How important is that awkward moment where you ask potential clients to sign a boat load of forms, before they even know you? Join us as Pat Hiban, the Bare Naked Agent answers the question like a man, and provides his honest advice. 

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